The Whiskeys


Traditionally, the Irish Distillers produced mostly Pot Still Whiskey, a unique Spirit distilled from a mash of malted and unmalted Barley, with a small addition of other grains. Also, a few Distilleries, mostly in Ulster, utilised Patent Stills to distil Grain Whiskey for blending. Single or Pure Malt Whiskeys were also produced in Ireland.

Distilleries hardly bottled their own Whiskeys themselves. Instead, it was sold directly after distillation or from the bonded warehouses to blenders, bonders and merchants who bottled and marketed it under their own names. Good examples for this practise are Mitchell's Green SpotMillar's Black Label, and Gilbey's Redbreast, which are still available today. Most of the companies, though, have disappeared, and today, only Tin plates and Bar Mirrors remind of such names as Kirker, Greer & Co. of Belfast (Shamrock), Egan Ltd. of Tullamore (Egan's No. 8), Darcy & Co. of Newry (Darcy's Irish Whiskey).

Today, all Irish Whiskeys pour from only three Distilleries: Bushmills, Midleton, and Cooley in Riverstown. Most of the Whiskeys available are Blends from Pot Still and Grain (Midleton), or Malt and Grain (Bushmills, Cooley). But there are also Single Malt and Single "Pure Pot Still" Whiskeys.

A few very rare whiskeys from long-gone distilleries are still around and available for purchase. They can be found in Treasures.